We’re Bananas…

We are just too busy to build our own site, but it is coming soon or at least one day!


Email: info@ba-nami.com or bananastudio2011@gmail.com if you like google……

Call us on: 0430 181 025 (Nice lady, good manner, you will be happy!) or 0423 268 708 (Cool guy, more tech…um… could be happy!)

Company Name: Ba-Nami Future Design …… but we like calling us banana studio, but don’t misunderstand it, we are very, pretty, surely cool with Apple… in fact, WE ARE APPLE FANS….we just think that people may also need bananas ….


— Some Works We did —
Advice Property Services P/L
Oralux Dental
Riverwood Plaza
Stanley Park
Surryhills Shopping Centre
Even Better Flooring
Magnolia Furniture
Nanhai Media
City Premier (城市)
Online Estate
Always The Best
Auways Cleaning

Note**: We are building CMS for our clients, so the clients can modify most of the website content themself, this may cause some empty or weird content showing in the Websites above.